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Posts from November 2015

Nursery at the 10:30am Mass

A nursery is coming to St Peter’s! Beginning December 6, 2015 – FREE nursery childcare will be provided, during the 10:30am Sunday mass. All children up to three year olds are welcome to join. Drop your child off before Mass begins and come pick them up after the service. Supervising adults have been background checked […]

Good News in Our Broken World: The Holy Spirit Continues to Guide the Church Today

God’s guidance is not focused solely on individual persons. He has to orchestrate the best possible results through a highly complex set of interrelationships, as in our families, the domestic church. His love and influence is called divine providence. We will never be able to know it perfectly. We can not even wrap our brains around the complexity of our own lives.

How does God help us? One way is by showing us how to imitate the Heart of Jesus by seeking a Heart of the Beatitudes.

The Beatitudes specify the interior attitudes underlying Jesus’ view of love.

The Gift of Listening

One of the most loving behaviors that we can offer to our family is to be a good listener. Effective listening can be an opportunity to exercise voluntary self-denial and charitable works. How can we accomplish this goal? Let every man be quick to hear, show to speak and slow to anger” James 1:19 “Seek first […]

Prayer as Gift

The Catechism of the Catholic Church says that prayer is God’s gift, it is a raising of one’s mind and heart to God [2559]. Humility is the foundation of prayer (we need God). Scripture says often that it is the heart that prays. It is an encounter with God coming from our thirst for God. Prayer is communion with God.

When we pray our homes are blessed by this daily communion with God as a family.