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  1. So many things are “gearing up” now it’s hard to not overfill my calendar! I wonder how many other people (besides staff!) are at St. Peter’s at least twice a week? This would mean once besides Mass! With all the daily Masses, Bible studies, Religious Ed, Service work, and special days planning, I bet most of us are there at least twice a week, if not more. My choices are the English study Tuesdays and Saturday morning Bible study. Seems right that we should all be coming and going from our sort of heart base all the time. A thumbs up if you feel that too would be nice…

    ¡Tantas cosas están en desarrollo ahora que es difícil no sobre extenderse! Me pregunto si otros (aparte el personal) están en el edificio de San Pedro por lo menos dos veces a la semana. Eso sería una vez encima de lo que es la Misa. Con la misa del diario, estudios de la Biblia, clases de educación religiosa, trabajos de servicio, planeación para días especiales –apuesto que la mayoría de nosotros estamos allí por lo menos dos veces a la semana si no es más. Lo que escogí yo son clases de inglés los martes y estudio de la Biblia los sábados. Me parece correct y bueno que vamos y venimos tantas veces a nuestro base –base espiritual– a todas horas. Pulgares arriba si es que siente igual sería bonito…

  2. Hi Kevin,

    I was at the 8am Mass on Sunday, and Fr. Don sounded WAY better, with no more cracking and popping.

    The chewing-gum-and-duct-tape fix must have done the trick : )

  3. Good Morning,

    My curiosity peaked this morning and I was just curious if the change/repair I completed on Father Don’s wireless transmitter-microphone #3 this past Sunday was successful and it was working correctly. I was disappointed I was unavailable to attend the 8:00 AM Mass hear for myself.

    Thank you,

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