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Pastoral Council

pastoral council14
(L-R/back row): Ken Dana, Scott Peavy, Bridget Hunsinger, Margaret Buyserie, Fr. Don, Deacon Larry Walker, Tom Vondrachek, Ray Alvarado, Jose Montoya (L-R/front row): Zoraida Anaya, Sr. Juanita Villarreal, Shelly Didway

The Pastoral Council is primarily an advisory board to the Pastor in dealing with the pastoral and spiritual matters of the Church.  It will be the decision-making authority when acting together with assent of the Pastor.  Matters governed by Archdiocesan or higher authority are beyond the Council’s area of responsibility.

Photos: John Thienes


  1. Strengthen cross-cultural parishioner relationships
  2. Integration and activities for single and married young adults, ages 18-35
  3. Lighting the Fire!  Parish-wide evangelization, involvement, and conversion

To have a specific issue brought to the Council’s attention, please contact the chair.

Current members:

Meeting Minutes:


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