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Faith Formation


As parents, we strive to teach our children to love God and trust Him to be our guiding light.   As we live our faith and share its lessons through our actions, we lead our children onto their own dynamic faith journey:

  • Begun at Baptism and strengthened through the reception of the Sacraments of Initiation; we lay the foundation of their Christian life:
  • By joining a parish family, we reflect our faith by listening to the liturgy together, praying daily, and practicing the Sacraments of Healing:
  • Through our service to others, in words and works, we fulfill our mission of the faithful through our life’s vocational fulfillment to the Church and each other:

FAITH FORMATION is catechesis (teaching the faith), which aims to deepen our understanding of our faith:   How to practically and authentically live as a Catholic?  

At St. Peter Parish, we support parents as the primary educator of our faith.   By growing in faith understanding together, we nurture and empower our innate discipleship.    So, join us and let us help you reflect God’s light and SHINE as a child of God!

Adult Faith Formation (RCIA)

Youth Faith Formation  (Detailed Program Information)

Register begins:  AUGUST 2017


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