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Eucharist Lessons


Dear Parents,

We are SO happy to journey alongside you during this special sacramental season!

We realize that many parents are hesitant to take on the role of primary catechist for it is a very important one.  Perhaps it has been awhile since you’ve been actively participating in your faith or your formation was very limited ~ trust we are here to support and empower your family. We know that the seeds of faith you plant in your child, at Baptism, if nurtured in your family home will provide a life-long harvest that far outweighs our weekly influence in building a lasting relationship with Christ.

This is a wonderful opportunity to renew and deepen your own faith life and grow in your understanding and appreciation for the role of Sacraments in our Catholic faith.  Please ASK questions and EMBRACE this time to together as holy and happy times.  What a gift you are sharing with your child (and giving yourself)!

Please be mindful that this IS a time you should be going to mass EVERY week.  Also, in preparation of a sacrament, it is important to have your child go to Reconciliation before reception of the Sacrament of Eucharist.  We will have a Lenten Reconciliation service, but remember – providing a good example of this, as a family, will have meaningful results –  for what we treat as important & worth our time (as parents) = our children treat as valuable too.

My Best,



2017 First Communicants
2016 First Communion Retreat


  • Banners are due:
  • Communion Retreat:
  • 1st Holy Communion:


BANNER ideas?

WHAT TO WEAR?  Dressing up for your First Holy Communion Mass:    

When boys and girls make their First Holy Communion, it’s a big occasion for Catholic families. Like their Baptism, the day of First Communion is one filled with family, friends, and feasting after the sacred event has taken place in church.

  • Girls wear a white dress or white pants/white blouse.  Hair veils (not over face)/hair embellishments are fine, gloves must be removed.  NO exposed shoulders. 
  • Boys wear their Sunday best (WHITE shirt/dress pants) or a suit and tie.  NO sneakers.

Prior to receiving this Sacrament, 

  • You must make your First Confession before making your First Communion.

ALL WELCOME:  All family and friends (non-Catholics too) are welcome to attend this special Mass.

VIDEO:  Eucharist 101:  How we receive the Holy Eucharist…..