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Reconciliation Lessons



In preparation for this special day,  please be praying with your children every night.

It is VERY important that your child knows what it means to say an Act of Contrition, so talk about it:

  • We need to be TRULY sorry for what we’ve done.  When we say we are sorry, it is important to REALLY mean it.  This means that we know that what we have done is wrong (goes against God’s rules) and we’ve chosen to do it anyway.  ** This is NOT “I’m sorry for getting caught.”  (not yet ready) ~OR~ “I didn’t know that was wrong.” (We are all learning.  We are not judged for the things we’ve done that we did not know were sins…..but, once we do know; we know better & next time we choose to do (it) them = we are sinning.)
  • We need to ask God to be forgiven to the priest.  All sins must be spoken to be forgiven.
  • We need to be ready to make it right, make up, and to be forgiven.  This is the time to move on.  As we seek forgiveness, we must be willing to forgive.  When God forgives us – his mercy and love helps us forgive ourselves and others.  
  • After our Confession, we must SAY the prayers or DO the acts of mercy the priest asks us to do – “This is our penance.”
  • We need to commit to becoming our best selves.  After Reconciliation = we are sin-free.  So, this is the best time to try your VERY best to stop sinning.  We can stop doing things that are wrong.  As humans, we will not be able to go forth and lead a perfect life; however, we can get better everyday.  Keep trying & when we fail = go back and experience God’s mercy. Overtime, with the help of the Holy Spirit, your willingness to reveal your weaknesses and work on them will help you to grow in faith and closer to God ~ discovering God’s purpose for your life & experience the joy of being welcomed into everlasting life with Him in heaven.
Steps of Reconciliation

RESOURCES: Click here to find a children’s Examination of Conscience (in English & Spanish)