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Father Don’s Musings for June 8, 2014

This weekend we celebrate Pentecost, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. When we are filled with the Holy Spirit we become dynamic Catholics. Since Easter I’ve been preaching about being dynamic Catholics. This weekend I’m finishing up my preaching series on that topic but the task continues for all of us to be the most dynamic Catholics we can be.

I recommend that you keep your Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic book and review the four signs occasionally so you keep progressing in each of those four areas. Remember Matthew Kelly’s Principle of Continuous Improvement?  He reminds us to make small improvements (baby steps) in those four areas. When you’ve accomplished the last improvement, then you’re ready to take the next improvement. Just one small step at a time.

The more we progress in the four characteristics of prayer, study, generosity & evangelism, the more we’ll be open to the Holy Spirit and the more the Holy Spirit can work through us to change the world, to bring the in our continuing improvement to being more and more dynamic Catholics.

Happy Pentecost everyone!

Fr. Don