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Strong Catholic Families

The family is the original cell of social life created in God’s order. The goal of the Strong Catholic Families ministry is to help families share the love of Christ and to embrace Catholicism as a way of life in our families, the domestic church. We will do this by providing information, tools and activities to grow in these areas.

Nancy Franz with one of her 11 grandchildren
Nancy Franz with one of her 7 grandchildren

Coordinator: Nancy Franz, MFT


  • Need help with a relationship
    February 15, 2016
    Nancy Franz
    Nancy, I am a 46 year-old married male with four children, all of whom are teenagers. Need I say more? ~Test Poster
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  • Good News in Our Broken World: The Holy Spirit Continues to Guide the Church Today
    November 9, 2015
    Nancy Franz
    God’s guidance is not focused solely on individual persons. He has to orchestrate the best possible results through a highly complex set of interrelationships, as in our families, the domestic church. His love and influence is called divine providence. We will never be able to know it perfectly. We can not even wrap our brains ...
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  • The Gift of Listening
    November 9, 2015
    Nancy Franz
    One of the most loving behaviors that we can offer to our family is to be a good listener. Effective listening can be an opportunity to exercise voluntary self-denial and charitable works. How can we accomplish this goal? Let every man be quick to hear, show to speak and slow to anger” James 1:19 “Seek first to understand and ...
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  • Prayer as Gift
    November 7, 2015
    Nancy Franz
    The Catechism of the Catholic Church says that prayer is God’s gift, it is a raising of one’s mind and heart to God . Humility is the foundation of prayer (we need God). Scripture says often that it is the heart that prays. It is an encounter with God coming from our thirst for God. Prayer ...
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  1. Nancy, thank you for making this resource available to the parish. I’ve read that there are three “great divides” in our world today. The ecology divide, i.e. we consume far more resources each day than the earth can regenerate, the social divide, i.e. the rich are getting richer an the poor are getting poorer, and the spiritual divide, i.e. more people are living in depression and committing suicide than at any other time in history. It seems to me that our families have become more and more fragile and that we would be able to address all three of these divides more effectively if we could strengthen our families. What can we as Catholic’s be doing not just to strengthen our own families but to be a source of hope to all families?

    • Hello Jim, Thank you for writing this thought provoking and big question. I am sorry that I have been off the grid for awhile. I believe that the biggest and most damaging divide is how we as human beings have separated our selves from “that which is from above”, our beautiful triune GOD. Over the past two centuries or more, we have chosen to lean on our own understanding. We have separated our secular life from our spiritual life. By leaning on our own understanding, we have made many selfish chooses that serve our pride and our material and emotional needs. We have forgotten that without Christ we lose, with Christ we gain. The self serving propaganda that we have believed from our culture has led many people into hopelessness and despair. With an attitude of relativism surrounding us in our world, we have lost sight of truth. People are falsely believing that freedom and truth means everyone gets to be and do anything they want and that this will bring happiness. Too many believe that it is a civil right to be anything they choose because they believe that they come from nothing. When we do not know from where we came, we cannot embrace the beautiful plan that our creator has for us. By not recognizing that God is LOVE and is the source of anything good, we cannot touch God who transcends our human self. Too many have said No, to Jesus. I believe has brought confusion, anger and hopelessness. As Catholics we have been taught the truth. If we all would live more of our creed I believe in God the Father Almighty…… that we could manifest the light that shines out from the Holy Spirit. We could be what we are, Children of God, who are created in the image of God. We can only share that well when we live it authentically. We need to encourage and support each other to be brave and “live and move and have our being in Christ” He is realty. Within that reality we can begin to share Gods love with other families.

  2. This is so good! I want to be bold and Catholic by becoming a better listener and sharing with others! How do we guide others that way love to be better at listening? We need to practice! I’m going to share this link on my Facebook for others to read. Thanks and God bless!

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