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Keep the Christmas Spirit Going

Father Martin's Reflections

Dear Parishioners,

Our heart is filled with love and tenderness when we see the little child Jesus. The beauty of the Nativity scene continues to attract us even as we grow older.

Christmas retains an excitement that surpasses the glitter and the gifts, the decorations and the festivities. Most people, even those for whom Christmas may be an irritating time, intuitively sense the approach of this “most wonderful time of the year.”

For some, though, the wonder of Christ’s Birth disappears as soon as the Christmas season ends. The decorations are put away, and so is the fascination with the Holy Family. The peace, joy and love of our Christmas greetings are abandoned as quickly as our New Year’s resolutions.

I propose that now is the time to make an extra effort to keep Christmas throughout the year by getting closer to Jesus, and by inviting someone else to get closer to him.

Our local Church is committed to giving pride of place in its upcoming activities to foster personal relationships with Jesus in the Church.

God revealed himself as our merciful Father in the face of Christ. The fascinated children in front of the Nativity scene can sense that. As we grow older, our task is to ensure that we keep that excitement of letting Jesus captivate us, by welcoming him into our hearts and by then sharing him with others.

The New Evangelization calls us to be committed to responding to the deep yearning of many people to deepen their faith and relationship with the Lord. That’s why our parish and ministries will be focusing on helping us grow in this ultimate relationship.

Christmas is the ideal time to jumpstart this new evangelizing thrust in our families and parish. The arrival of the Christ Child represents the coming of Jesus to all of God’s people. Our mission is to shine as lights which lead others to experience the Lord’s tender embrace as he reaches out to us from the manger.

Have a Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year!

Fr. Martin


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