Mass Times

This is my body, which will be given for you.  Do this in memory of me.

Tuesday – Friday Mornings
(Mondays: Communion Service)
Saturday Vigil 5:00pm
Sundays 8:00am
12:15pm (Spanish)

* Nursery available for children 0-2 years old.  Children 3-6 years old get blessed and then released to the “Little Angels” liturgy (no registration required, parents are welcome).

Reconciliation / Confession

  • Thursdays 9am
  • Saturdays 4:00-4:30pm
  • By appointment  (Call parish office at #503-538-4312)


  1. Buenos dias, venimos de Nueva Jersey y tenemos una hija de 10 años y queremos bautizarla que tenemos que hacer para llevar a cabo dicho evento?

  2. I am not a Catholic… yet. I wondered if it was okay to attend on Sunday morning ( I assume so), but wondered what goes on M-F mornings?

    • Hi Dawn. Morning Mass (Mo, We, Th, Fr) typically lasts a half hour and is very like the weekend Mass, but without music. The homily is shorter, and with a usual attendance of perhaps 20 people the overall feel is different, a bit quieter and more intimate. I really enjoy morning Mass and try to attend whenever I can. Definitely encourage you to check it out! On Tuesdays (Father Don’s day off) there is a Communion celebration — similar to the regular morning Mass except the Eucharist has been consecrated in advance.

      Great to know that you are feeling stirred to go deeper into the Catholic faith. There are quite a number of us converts around — let us or the parish office know if you have questions or want to move to the next step.

  3. I come from Salem, Oregon from the church St Edwards. I am currently studying at George Fox University. While I was at St Edwards, I attended four years, one to do my confirmation the other three because I was a helper. I ended serving the youth group leader as her assistant for the youth group, I was wondering if this church offered a hispanic youth group and if their is any way I can get involved.

    Buenos dias vengo de Salem, Oregon de la iglesia de San Eduardo. Ahorita estoy estudiando en la universidad de George Fox. Atendi a la iglesia de San Eduardo cuatro anios, un anio fue para hacer mi cofirmacion los otros tres, nomas para ayudarle a la seniora. Fui ayudante de la asistente en el grupo juvenil en la iglesia de San Eduardo y queria saver si esta iglesia tenia un grupo juvenil y como puedo ser parte. Gracias.

    • In the past St. Peter has had a separate youth group for native Spanish speakers and native English speakers, but this year the two have been combined. I’m sure our DRE Shelly Didway (503.538.4312, would love to have you get involved!

      Thanks so much for reaching out.

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